How 33 $ saved me! (a true story)

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Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:57 pm    Post subject: How 33 $ saved me! (a true story)

Hey guys!

Seeing as nobody put up a post for this section yet, I thought I'd be a pioneer and share a story with you tonight. (take a few seconds and get comfortable Twisted Evil)

Well if your as oblivious to the dating world as I am, you probably believe that a great date consists of black ties, limos and a ton of cheap lines taken from some movie you saw last thursday (yes yes I've done it too Rolling Eyes ). Little did I know that dating really had nothing to do with looks or money. I'm pretty sure if we pulled a survey here 9 on 10 girls would probably agree a great date is founded on conversation AND creativity!.

Thus the backdrop to our story this evening, I was 21 at the time making my way through school while washing dishes part-time so limos and roses were really out of reach given the circumstance. But a great friend of mine always says "the answer is in the enviorment" and anticipation is created not purchased he'd there I was on some ratty bus making my way home, I was the proud owner of a white washed Nike shirt and 33.64 $...I saw a girl who I knew a little because our circles crossed paths on campus but besides her name and minor interests I really knew nothing about her.

So I found myself exchanging fun pleasentries exams, school and how life was going. We got off at the same stop sharing what was our first real conversation so I took a chance and invited her to join me for coffee while we waited for the next bus to arrive. we talked about a myraid of subjects but as that silence drifted in...I began talking about odd little facts I read about the night before (God Bless Wikipedia! Very Happy ) next thing I knew we were talking about numerology so I asked her what her faveroite number was and she said 3! I then asked if she'd like to go on an adventure with me, out of curiosity she agreed to the bizzare proposition.

I got her to stand up close her eyes point and spin around 3 times, we started walking in the direction she pointed out until we found ourselves on yet another bus (ofcourse I had no idea where we were going!?) but we got off at the 3rd stop...(sheeez now what) remember "the answer is in the enviorment) there it was yes a grocery store! (bet Romeo never thought of that one Cool - I told her she had three minutes to grab whatever she wanted and began rushing her in a teasing tone. luckily it cost me a grand total of (drumroll) 33 bucks (whew)....we walked a while and found a small park, I put my jacket down and began a picnic with the junk we'd bought...we spent hours talking and laughing about how fun the night had been....

well guys I'm 27 today and til this day she still claims that was the best date she'd ever had. The important thing about dating ideas is not how far you get or how much you spend....its about creating a memory and painting a new perspective in his or her eyes.

I'd love to hear about your stories so please feel free to post below and introduce your thoughts!

all the best!


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

`awwww that's so sweet and i agree with you. Fancy stuff are not the answer to a perfect date unless she is just looking for money lol... Use time safe and wisely :)

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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:50 pm    Post subject:

`That's it Jess! dates should be fun and original in my view Smile thanks so much for your comment it's greatly appreciated. So Jess here's the big question If a guy was to take you on a date what are the top 3 things he should know about you? and what's the best approach to grab your interest?

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If a guy takes me on a date he should know im a bit shy so it might take me a min. before i start talking but once i feel comfortable i talk a lot hehehe so i always make that clear so people wont think i dont feel like talking or something. Ok so #2 I love animals!! so dont make negative comments because that will automatically bring you down. #3 I love to laugh so always a good joke will make my day.
Best approach a guy could make to grab my attention is really simple..."introduce your self with a big smile! and make non-offensive or vulgar comments i don't know but when someone gives me smiles i automatically smile back! =D " But i hate when guys come up to me with a "hey sexy?, your so hot!, where's your boyfriend? are you married? you have kids? wanna go out tonight?" they haven't even asked for my name when they want all my personal information and make nasty comments, so that's a big No No!! once there was a guy at a club asking me to dance with him and well i said no because he made no verbal communication with me just insisted to go dance with him after a while he started tell me he knew the owner of the club and his name was so and so, he was also the owner of this other club and blah blah blah the thing is he gave me this whole speech about the club's owner and said nothing about him or even asked me what type of music i liked (because the song he wanted to dance i would have never dance)...I've had bad experiences with guys... I feel most of the guys this days don't want to get to know you but rather take you to "bed" and not to read a bed-time story. The sad part is that its mostly girls fault they've created that trend.
I still believe in prince charming(NOT AS IN "PERFECT" GUY BECAUSE NO ONE IS, but just as romantic and caring) even though he only exists in fairy tales i still have the hope he will be mine one day lol! and just for you to know im not 14 or 15 not even 21!

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Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:15 pm    Post subject:

`I like it best when a woman asks me out, rather than the other way around. Sadly most women won't do that. They expect me to ask them out just because I'm a guy (i.e. sexism). It's because of that automatic roadblock to dating, that men will (being human and not psychics) ask stupid questions of women they find attractive.

Every woman is different and every woman has a hidden set of rules on how a man should approach her. Sorry ladies, we men aren't mind readers. Just like you, we're relatively clueless on how to approach you and we aren't any more privy to your rules of engagement than you are to ours.

That being said...if a woman approaches me, even if she ----s it up completely, I still think it's adorable that she even tried. It takes a LOT of courage to approach someone you don't even know. It takes even more courage to risk making an *ss of yourself. Also...some women like the assh*le you described.

I mean...look at how many women out there are dating assh*le after assh*le after assh*le. It really only reinforces the nice girl dating @ssh*les concept if all that "nice" girls are will to date is @ssh*les. Personally...I think most women that date @ssh*les are secretly @ssh*les themselves. After all, they must have something in common.

Note: I prefer to get know a woman before dragging her off to bed...and even then...I'm willing to read her a bedtime story. Razz

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