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Ciao, Nudist Playground

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Posted:     Post subject: Ciao, Nudist Playground

Maybe it's bad form to discuss other sites here, but I think it's important to warn others.

As a mother with kids, I have to be very careful about these nudist sites, which (as you know) don't always attract real nudists. Ironically, even the site "True Nudists" is full of people who aren't real nudists and just want to see naked people.

As most of you in the chatroom here know, I rarely even VIEW other people's cams, so I am not trolling for nude pics or cams. I just like talking and chatting and exchanging stories, getting to know people from around the world, etc.

I was led to Nudist Playground by a friend who assured me it was a safe site since it was run by a female, with moderators on all the time, so I was unlikely to be harassed. For the most part that was true, but the moderators were very aggressive about their "verification" program where they have to see you (presumably nude) on cam to give you gold status. Well I chose to sign up and wait a bit, to see what kind of site it was before I wanted to do that. But after only a week or so, I was getting really bothered by the mods who wanted me to verify. The site offered other services, other than chat, and I told them that I could enjoy the site just fine without chat, and to please let ME decide when I wanted to get verified. I also told them I was hesitant because since I have a nudist family, there is the likelihood I could be on cam and one of the kids could run past, thereby violating (accidentally) their site's own policy against kids on the cam.

Then I got the usual harassment from a guy from India who demanded I get on cam, and then got annoyed when I refused (I didn't know him, never heard of him, and he had no nudist photos, and was CLEARLY just a guy trolling for cam s--.) So I reported him, per the site rules. Nothing terrible, just said what happened. I wasn't asking for him to be deleted, just reported him and then blocked him.

For the next two days, I was harassed by a MALE moderator (and apparently the site owner) named "Con" who said that he would not take any action against "Vijay" since he was a paid Gold member and was verified (meaning he was on cam for them.) Since I had refused to go on cam, he therefore distrusted me and felt *I* was the scammer.

So I said fine, commerce comes first... whatever. I tried to delete my profile, but the site's remove page is broken. I also tried to delete my photos, and the photo delete feature didn't work. So I reported THAT and asked to have my profile removed.

Instead of honoring my request, I got into a lengthy back and forth with "Con" about how I should talk to other females, and (of course) get verified by getting naked on cam for him, to prove who I was. It's also worth noting that on my FIRST day in the chat room, "Con" came on and his SECOND message to me was about getting verified on cam. No hello, no how are you, just right into the wanting to see me nude on cam.

After two more requests to have my profile manually deleted, which I made politely, but firmly, "Con" has agreed. In a parting shot, he said he is banning my IP (which is weird, *I* was the one dumping them, so that only works in my favor), and made a final proclamation that I was obviously the fake because I would not get on cam for him.

FYI to the world of internet nudist social networking sites: THERE IS MORE TO NUDISM AND NATURISM THAN NUDE CAMMING. One should not be deemed anti-social when one doesn't want to jump onto cam within the first few days of an untested site with God knows what kind of people on it.

As for the site being owned and moderated by a female, Con would seem to prove otherwise.

So buyer beware. The site is not what it promotes itself as, and unless you are in a situation where you are willing to get nude on cam to "prove" yourself to a male moderator (not a female one) that you are a nudist, then they will side with the MALES WITHOUT NUDE PHOTOS and assume the woman is a liar.

Scarlet Letter, anyone?

Nothing I wrote here is libelous, as I kept screencaps.

Avoid Nudist Playground. Just another cam-centric site that caters to whomever pays, even if they are perverts looking to see naked children.

(FYI: As some can attest, I have no problem getting on cam with people I trust. I am proven in various sites and certainly when people meet me and my family at the beaches. If my concerns about websites raise suspicions in people, that's a price I am willing to pay to protect my family and myself, until I know people very well.)

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November 20, 2011
Posts: 12

PostPosted:     Post subject:
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`Carmen: I read your entire post and I have a few questions for you if you don't mind me asking out of pure curiosity...?

#1) How did it come about that you became a nudist? Was a it introduced by your parents/introduced to you by someone else or was it something you found on your own?

#2) Do you live somewhere, where there isn't a nudist colony? Or maybe I should say... Are you joining these sites to have more experiences with nudists or is that your only option at this time?

#3) What is the difference between protecting your family on the internet and on the nude beaches? I read that and I wondered to myself, yes I understand protecting your family but being exposed on a beach how do you "protect" your family from the non-nudists... Honestly is sounds absurd which is why I'm asking.

#4) How old are your kids and do they practice nudism with you? Do you give them a choice? How does that work, really?

#5) How do you meet nudists? If I decided (as a female) to try nudism what do I do where should I go? Where are the "best" places to live?

Alright that's it... though I'm not sure how many people on here are nudists your post is definitely a common problem if you generalize it... Sites can be deceitful and people should always be cautious.

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