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61 Anna Karenina

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Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy

Perhaps one of the greatest novels ever written, "Anna Karenina" follows the self-destructive path of a beautiful, popular, and sensual Russian aristocrat.
62 Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating

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Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating

Laurie Davis

Explains the online dating process, from choosing the right site to creating a profile to sorting through matches, while also offering safety tips and advice on preparing for a first date.
63 Dating For Dummies

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Dating For Dummies

Joy Browne

Look in the mirror — understand the importance of getting to know (and love) yourself in order to become a better partner, and find out if you're ready to date Search for Mr. or Ms. Right — figure out what you want in a partner and ...

The book of 5 rings

65 Under the Dome: A Novel

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Under the Dome: A Novel

Stephen King

Big Jim told him everything. It was good, Junior thought. He had to admit it: his dear old dad didn't miss a trick. 15 When Junior went upstairs to “rest ...
66 Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed 3-volume Boxed Set

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Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed 3-volume Boxed Set

E L James

Presents the trilogy of works that follow the relationship between college student Anastasia Steele and wealthy young entrepreneur Christian Grey.
67 Blood and Chocolate

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Blood and Chocolate

Annette Curtis Klause

Having fallen for a human boy, a beautiful teenage werewolf must battle both her packmates and the fear of the townspeople to decide where she belongs and with ...
68 Turning Point

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Turning Point

Lisanne Norman

With Keiss conquered by Valtegan invaders, the colonists' only hope is Elise, a telepath who rescues Kusac, a felinoid victim of a starship crash, but first the two must convince their races to band together to defeat the Valtegans.
69 Phantoms

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Dean Koontz

When the unsuspecting residents of the little town of Snowfield, California, disappearor die suddenly, a woman doctor and a dedicated county sheriff, aided by ...
70 Blackwood Farm (The Vampire Chronicles)

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Blackwood Farm (The Vampire Chronicles)

Anne Rice

Haunted since birth by a mysterious doppelgnger known as Goblin, Quinn Blackwood cannot escape the torment, even after becoming a vampire, and seeks out the ...
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